The AHDB Beef and Lamb Better Returns Programme (BRP) encourages English beef and sheep producers to evaluate their businesses to identify where improvements can be made in terms of cost reduction, environmental impact and animal performance.

BRP skills and knowledge transfer work is carried out through a programme of direct communication with livestock producers combined with practical, free events across England, backed up by a range of informative literature and other resources.

The programme is funded mainly by AHDB Beef and Lamb and backed by industry wide beef and sheep steering groups.

About the calendar system

The herd calendar shows all the key production tasks throughout the year, these are set by entering either a calving or service date. The aim is to provide you a reminder when key tasks need to be done to help herd management.

You are able to add as many groups of cattle as you like with different calving or service dates if required (spring calving, autumn calving etc). When you have added the group, it will create a specific calendar linked to calving or service date. It will contain all the activities which are time specific (earliest date relating to your entered date) and those which should be considered. Click on the tasks for more information about the specific task.

In the calendar view, the pre-set tasks cannot be moved but you can add in your own bespoke tasks into the calendar, this might be to record when a task was completed or to add a specific task which is not included in the calendar.

You can view the activities in the calendar, save as a pdf and print.

Reminder emails are sent every Sunday, reminding you of the up and coming tasks. You can choose to unsubscribe from these emails at any time.